Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Another week, not so much art

It's been a busy 7 days for me, and unfortunately I haven't done much art except for work stuff. I did finish inking the first comic last Thursday, but I still have a lot of web infrastructure work to do in order to get it up and running on the site. I haven't even finished just the basic template page for the comic; I'm actually having some difficulty deciding whether I want to do it using the same setup we used for Mystic For Hire, which is a CGI-based auto-updating and generating scheme, or whether I should use Blogger like JeffR does for Overcompensating, which seems like a very cool way to do a comic, providing I can get the template right. It might even be quicker to do it that way, although looking at the source code for Blogger templates is pretty daunting.

I'm definitely going to go with a layout scheme similar to R's, with a header at top, then comic taking the full width, and then other info underneath that. The Blogger-style thing appeals to me because it would make it very easy for me to add comments about each comic right below it as JeffR does, which would be more difficult the other way, requiring a separate text file include or something even fancier like a full-on MySQL database.

I guess I should just suck it up and just put something up, it doesn't have to be fully functional, really. If I have to do the first few updates by hand I can deal with that.

This weekend is my monthly Me Weekend, where I take the entire weekend for myself from Friday End-Of-Work through Monday Alarm-Goes-Off. I do this basically so I can have a good 48 hours or more of uninterrupted creative time (with attendant excellent sleeping conditions), to try to be as productive as possible... it's part of the big Balancing Act that I have to do between work, relationship, and my "hobbies," and it's really important to me. I haven't had one of these Me Weekends since November, because December had no free weekends, so I'm really looking forward to this one. I'll be working on the comic and also recording the first music for this year's new CD (see the musicblog for details).

Therefore, I will get something done for the comic, and it will start up next Thursday, January 26th. OK then!


RichK said...

I'm looking forward to some new art Jeff. Will the comic have its own url?

Jeff Z said...

No, it will be under the site for the moment. If I get its own URL, it will probably just be a redirect, as I've maxed out the number of domains I can have on my server.

Nice to see you're still with me, Rich! :)