Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Comic is Up!

And so here it is, Just a Bit Off... , my new weekly webcomic. It's based on things in my life, mostly, but all of it is tweaked, exaggerated, modified, and mutilated, so even though actual people have "avatars" in it and various events actually happened (more or less), don't expect historical accuracy or that anything the characters do or say is in any way related to the folks on whom they're based.

The first 6 strips or so are all setup, as it explains below the comic, because the 30-odd strips I wrote that made me decide to really do this are based on much more recent happenings and they jump around a lot, so they would be very confusing to just jump into.

See, quite a while back, R. Stevens and J. Ro. both told me I ought to do some kind of autobio strip based on my wacky adventures as a hair-band rocker back in the 80s and 90s, and since these guys are people I consider true masters of the webcomic arts, I took that very seriously. However, at the time they were telling me this, I was hitting the bottom emotionally and financially, and so I just wasn't able to do anything about it... the crisis of 6 years ago was just too much to even think about anything other than just digging out. It's been sitting in the back of my mind ever since.

I started doing the comics very spontaneously one day at my old job, starting from an IM conversation that I was having with my friend .sara. I did the first one, and then suddenly a whole bunch more just rolled out of my head, about 6 in that one day, and then a bunch more over the next few weeks. I showed them to .sara and most of my other cow-orkers, and they all laughed, so I said HMMM, maybe there's something here. I sent them to a couple of comics buddies of mine for their opinions, and they also liked it, so... well enough about all that. It's up and it will be updating every Thursday.

Because I just never could get the hang of Thursdays... Oh, and there will indeed be bits of wacky hair band adventures. Oh yes. Be afraid. ;)

Anyway, big thanks to R. and J. for encouragement, even though the fruits are somewhat belated.

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