Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Some Progress

Last night I finally started working on the art for the new webcomic, yay! Other than making the time to actually work on it, I had some trouble trying to come up with a good "first comic," something to start the thing off properly. Though I now have something like 30 episodes written (which is a bit amazing to me), they're all "in medias res," as my English teacher Mr. Hooper used to say, which means "in the middle of things" - they all kind of happen with some context around them that probably could use a bit of pre-explanation, and probably introduction of a few of the characters. It's often good to start the audience in the thick of the "action," and I will be doing quite a bit of that, but I think for my silly webcomic a few lead-ins are probably a good idea.

So last night I racked my brain a bit and came up with 4 panels about some of the events that led to me leaving New Jersey... good lord, that was almost 8 years ago now. Yikes. Time flies... Anyway, it seemed a fitting start, since the original theme of the comic was me as the east coaster moving to California and seeing the differences while hilarity ensues.

I'm doing this webcomic on actual paper with actual pen and ink, which I will scan in for web looking-at. I'm doing this because it's still fun for me to draw with the ancient tools of my trade. However, I forgot how long it takes to hand-letter and draw the word balloons, which is what I spent about 2 hours doing last night. That's too long, but I'll get faster. I need to get some new Speedball lettering nibs and get all my Rapido pens clean and working

Also, I'm doing it on paper because I want to be able to sell the originals, similar to how Jon over at Goats makes his available. So if you really, really like any of them, you'll be able to buy them, and for cheap too - $20 each to start.

OK, much work to do, gotta go...

Oh, also, the mighty R. Stevens has a new pixel sketch blog. You should go there!

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