Thursday, February 09, 2006

Like Clockwork

And yet another comic gets up "on time," yay! Actually I should put them up Wednesday night late so you east coasters can see them first thing, but I didn't finish the art on this one until a bit after midnight, so I didn't want to stay up to update the site. Well, at least I did indeed get it up on Thursday. I'll be happier when I get past the "setup" strips, because I have a bunch of comics written and all I have to do is draw them, plus I can jump around a lot more. I've been writing and drawing the setups on the same day, which is a bit more demanding.

Here's a little bonus, from my sketchbook:

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RichK said...

Interesting sketch. It's sure a departure from your k-goth and MFH art and your carictures. I'm not sure if I like it but it is different. But it is a sketch so I'm sure it just "flowed", no thought given to it. Kind of a subconsious drawing I'm thinking.

And like you've said, you have to draw something every day.