Thursday, February 02, 2006

Wow, Another Comic!

Yes, indeedy, it's Thursday again and comic #2 is up. Sorry it's a tad late, but I couldn't put it up last night, I ran a bit long on recording, bills and laundry, and needed to go to sleep. I don't have the fancy CGI stuff running yet so I have to do the updates by hand. I'll get that all working before too long.

Another new project too, I'm doing a couple of commissioned sketch cards for Mike in NC, one each of Batman and the Hulk. Fun! It's been a very long time since I drew either of those guys... I was looking through some very old art that I did when I was 7 or 8, and there's a few of Batman in there, drawn all kid-like with felt tips. Don't worry Mike, I've gotten better since then!

Still cranking out characters here at work. I had to re-do one of them to make him look younger and hipper, which was kind of a bummer since he's probably my favorite painting of all the characters I've done for the game - something like 45 now. He still looks cool, but I liked him the old way better. More grand and dignified. He does have cool snakeskin boots now though, that's a plus.

Right, back to work...

(This post was written at 10am my time, but I couldn't get Blogger to post it until now, 6:40pm. Weird)


RichK said...

I like the new strip Jeff. Hope you're getting something out of it too.

Jeff Z said...

Thanks Rich! Yeah, it's fun. It doesn't take up a lot of my time and it's good to be doing something with steady output other than the work I do for my day job.

It gets more interesting - by which I mean weirder and perhaps somewhat disjointed - after the setup strips. :)

If you have any friends who might dig it, let them know! :)