Thursday, April 13, 2006

Comic is up

Wherein we meet the cartoon version of The Girlfriend. Go read, then come back.

I didn't know which one of my many already-written strips I wanted to do, so I was looking thru them and not finding anything that was hitting me, until I noticed one of them had a Post-It on the back, so I turned it over. I found today's script and it cracked me up, so I had to go for it. It is actually a verbatim conversation that we had a few months ago, unrelated to recent events... and The Girlfriend points out that she delivered the punchline with far less snark (and much more smiling nudging) than the comic would lead you to believe!

Here's a bonus, my favorite sketch out of my sketchbook from last year:

I did this at The Drawing Club, kind of a life-drawing club, when we went there for our CAPS meeting, which was most excellent. The model guy is actually a retired Disney animator. I have a bunch of sketches from this session in various media; this one was done with my Japanese brush pen direct to paper, no pencil, in about 5 minutes.

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