Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Daily Quick Painting

I've decided that I'm going to do a quick painting every morning as a warm-up at work. I need to get my painting chops together, since pretty much the whole concept industry is just doing paintings these days. Sketches and marker renderings have given way to digital paint, and I'd better keep up if I'm going to keep my job and stay in the concept business.

So, every day when I get to work I'm gonna whip out a painting in 30 minutes or less. They are going to be pretty rough, especially at first. This one, yeah it's pretty rough. But it's okay.

I probably won't put a painting up every day here, but I'm sure I'll put at least one or two up every week. Gives me something to add, helps me get better at my job.

I decided to do this after watching some of "Icons: Prince of Persia" on G4 this morning as I ate breakfast; they showed a ton of concept art, and it was all paintings. Ubisoft is some kinda crazy art mecca, and they do amazing work there. Back when I was in the music biz, I set my bar very high; I didn't compare my work to the local bands around NJ, but against Van Halen and Ozzy and Def Leppard, the guys at the top. I have to do the same thing with my art, and try to get to that level, both for my own personal sense of achievement and to keep my employment prospects up!

I did this painting using a very cool and inexpensive program called ArtRage, which has a free version you can play with. I definitely recommend you go ahead and pay the $20 for the full version, if you're into painting. I'll be using ArtRage a lot for these paintings because it's fast and smooth and has some really cool features. Thanks to Kevin for turning me on to it!

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