Thursday, April 27, 2006

Late Comic, so you get a bonus...

Not one, but two! I left the artwork for today's comic at home, so here's some more quick paintings. They are very rough but they were done very fast.

Just a random spaceship. I do a lot of random spaceships.

When I was a kid, I lived in a futuristic sci-fi city that was all in my head. I did numerous drawings of it, I still have most of them. Unfortunately for me, if you've watched Star Wars Episodes I - III, you've seen what it looked like in my head, for the most part. I think my architecture was more influenced by the Jetsons. Nevertheless, this is the start of a painting of a view of my personal city. Super rough, just looking at masses and lighting.

*Sigh* I wish I hadn't been such a dumbass when I was a kid, and had gone to Art Center. I feel pretty lame when I look at stuff like this.


Unknown said...

dont worry bout that guy. hes good, but hes gonna have to do the same kinda work we do at our jobs, Unless they make the Khangkles videogame. We just see the fun stuff that all the other artist show, stuff they want to do, their personal stuff, the fun stuff. It can be decieving, we all, including them do crappy unappealing work but we also get to do the fun i wanna show people i did this work.

give and take, you keep on painting, hes good for referencing though but his level can be attained by leveling up to super saiyan and defeating them.

Unknown said...

tried to leave a comment but i guess what i wrote was lost. ok, summary. Dont fret, from what i heard, theres tons of Khang clones at art center because of him. Hes seasoned, i mean really seasoned and hes still a student. And, like most concept/illustrators out there, they show what they want you to see, their best stuff. They do the same unappealing work stuff that all concept guys do, THEN they do the cool "i cant wait show this piece" awesome stuff too.

keep on painting, his level can be attained though. Another way is to challenge him in a desolate wasteland, then power up to super saiyan and defeat him, take his soul and reign supreme. But then i would have to defeat you since you took out Khang for me:P

Anonymous said...

Is it OK if a total stranger comments, way too late? I don't think fine detail and edgy realism are all they are cracked up to be anyway. I used to paint scenery (amateurishly). One day when I finished my best piece yet, I suddenly realized: "I could have taken a PHOTO like that! Why would anyone want a painting of scenery that looks realistic?" I think I finally "got" art that day.

Jeff Z said...

Of course it's OK to post! That's how strangers become friends! :)

Detailed, realistic work does have a place - mostly in commercial entertainment art, which is what I do for a living. There's much need for photorealistic matte painting and what we call "target render"- paintings that as accurately as possible show exactly what the game or film is going to look like on the screen in its final form - because unfortunately most of the people who control budgets want to see images of what they're going to spend millions on before they actually give you the money, and such people usually have ZERO visual imagination and can't "get the gist" from a line sketch or loose painting. George Lucas is one of the exceptions.

Detailed work is also very helpful for showing the 3D artists and programmers exactly what the game should look like, at a relatively early stage of production; something to "match" or at least strive to achieve in the 3D rendered and constantly-moving environment of the final game.

As far as doing it for personal art, yeah what's the point!? It's really not all that fun to spend 40 hours on photorealistic illustration!

As paid work, though, such things can be quite lucrative. If someone wanted me to do a 40- or 50- hour piece at high-res like my "Volcano Temple" as a paid freelance work, I'd quote them $10,000 for it.