Thursday, June 29, 2006

ARRRR!! Pirates Game Released!

Hey all, our new game Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow for the Playstation 2 is now in stores!

This is the first game released that I've worked on as concept artist. Along with the art director Miguel and my colleague Kevin, we created concept art for characters, environments and the various weapons and props you'll see in the game. As you progress through the game, some of the unlockable bonus content includes art by all of us.

It's based on the first movie, Curse of the Black Pearl, but since the story is being told by Jack himself, he exaggerates rather outrageously and you get to play his "tall tale of the sea." It's good fun, pretty easy to play, and it looks great considering it's on PS2. If you have kids, they'll definitely enjoy it, but it's good for players of all ages.

So please support our 14 months of hard work! :)

Official site
Seven Studios site

I have to find out what the policy is, whether I can show the art I've done for it in my portfolio. Oftentimes the publisher doesn't allow individual artists to show the pieces they've done - they are, after all, property of the publisher. What I do here at work is work-for-hire, I don't own any of it. Hopefully I'll be able to show you some of it. If not, I'll find out which pieces of mine are in the bonus content and let you know what you have to do to see it. :)

Meanwhile, still working hard on The Sopranos game. Life's all good, I've just been busy as usual. Getting ready for SD Comic Con, where I'm planning on having ashcans of Just A Bit Off... for sale. I might give a few away too, ya never know.

ARRR Mateys!!


Anonymous said...


WoW? World of Warcraft? Does WWSD stand for "What Would Satan Do"? Funny!

I love the nerd humor thread, and your girlfriend seems all kind of wonderful. Mazel Tov.


Jeff Z said...

Actually, it's What Would Sulu Do?

I gave that shirt to the girlfriend. It just would have been hard to draw. :)

RichK said...

You mean you can't take a few screen caps as if you're playing and comment on the backgrounds, props, etc.? What a ripoff for you.

Sadly, I don't have the hand ability to play video games otherwise I'd cap some.

Congrats on your first game.

Unknown said...

let me know when you find out if we can use our work in our books. that would be kewl!