Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ahead of things...

I put the comic up early yesterday, because I finished it at work and then didn't remember it was Tuesday instead of Wednesday. *sigh* I probably didn't know what day it was because I'm short about 5 hours of sleep since the weekend, what with doing 12-hour days at work again for the Sopranos game crunch, and then doing Wumpskate on Monday, and then not being able to get to sleep last night until sometime after 12:30, then trying to get up to do exercise at 6:15... whoof. I'm beat.

The comic will go up early next week too because I'll be at Comic Con on Thursday, going down to SD on Wednesday night, so I'll put it up on Wednesday. Fortunately I got next week's comic done last weekend, so at least I don't have to worry about drawing it. I really need to try to get a few comics ahead somehow, but since we're on 12s the rest of the month and next weekend is all Comic Con, I can't even think about attempting that until August at least. So I'll just have to muddle through.

Happily, I've found a cool free webcomic management scripting system which I'm going to get working after the Con. This will allow automatic updating and some other great features like Search and an actual archive calendar page. I won't have to do everything by hand anymore, which will save a bit of time.

Not so happily, I'm feeling grumbly and unsatisfied with my work, all of my artwork lately. I just don't feel like I'm progressing, in fact in some ways I'm RE-gressing, and I don't like that at all. I have to find a way to get some focus back on my art. I've had too much going on and it's taking too much of my energy, or at least diverting too much from my art. How I'm gonna manage that, I have no idea at the moment.

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