Thursday, January 18, 2007

Still painting away

Thought you might like to see progress on the Eon Project:

Coming along slowly but surely. There's going to be a lot of detail so it's going to take quite a while. I have until 1/31, with a solid weekend to myself this weekend, so I should be fine.

Comic is up, on time, yay! I put it up last night actually so ahead of time.

Meanwhile, some of my Robots and Family Guy sketch cards are on sale on eBay; some of them are going for reasonable prices too.

Would anyone out there be interested in owning some of my original pieces and comic pages? I've got lots of them... let me know?


Unknown said...

Dude, you should totally eBay some of your original art and comic pages!

Jeff Z said...

I think I need to self-promote a bit more before I do. I don't have much of a "name" at the moment, though obviously there are some steady readers of the comic etc.

I can't get on MySpace at the moment for some reason, which is where I'd start, I guess...

Maybe I should start a forum on my site, and I definitely need to start doing email updates to a mail list.