Thursday, February 15, 2007

Post V-Day

Here's the front of the card I made for TGF for Valentine's Day:

I'm not showing the inside cuz it's personal. :) She liked it a lot, though!

Don't forget to check out the comic, which has an appropriate relationship theme!

I've done several caricatures recently but didn't scan any of them, because I'm a dork. Also, one of them is a present and I don't want to let it out ahead of time.

I'm going to enter my Eon painting for Expose 5, a digital art annual book that showcases a lot of stuff from concept and 3D artists. Haven't heard anything about the judging of the Eon contest yet.

I'm definitely going to redo my website over the next few months. I have a lot of stuff that's available for sale but the catalog I have now is hard to get to and you can't buy anything direct from the site. So I'm going to fix that, with a nice browsable catalog and a shopping cart, and set up a much better portfolio system too!

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