Monday, March 26, 2007

I forgot this one...

This is another old one that I'm reworking, which I forgot to add to all the others.

11. Cargo Unload

I started working on this a looooong time ago, while I was still at my old job; the rough start on it is on my portfolio site, here it is:

You can see that I've expanded the image to the left and top by a bit, to make room for some people and the buildings in the background. I'm not sold on the buildings, but for now I'm letting them stay as I detail the ship in the foreground. Who knows, I may wind up cropping it back again. I also added in an actual sunset photo that I took from our office, to make the sky more real-looking. I'll be adjusting it some, I think it's too saturated the way I have it blended.

I have to try doing a piece from start to finish using Syd Mead's very meticulous methods - I have the Gnomon DVD set of 4 discs where he shows his whole process working on an illustration from rough thumbnails to finished piece. He's very methodical and each step is fairly laborious, but you can't argue with his results, which are always brilliant. He's where I'm getting the focus on making sure there is a story to every image, with people doing things, interacting with whatever piece of hardware or architecture he's illustrating. I'm sure it can't hurt to try following his steps precisely with my own story illustration.

I'm going to work on one of the other ones now. I think I understand why Feng said he likes to have 4 or 5 projects running at once; if you get bored with the piece you're working on, switch to something different and work on that.

Now, how to decide... heh...

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