Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Worked on a film spoof!

Hey, my buddy Marty has directed and produced a film spoof for the MTV Movie Awards spoof contest, for which I did titles, credits and graphics - check it out! Don't forget to give it a nice vote after you've watched; you click on the stars right below the movie, be sure to click on the fifth star if you liked it.

Here's some of what I did, in still image form:

Cloud background layers, which were animated

Lightning and logo layers, also animated

This is the blank original plate of the scoreboard monitors

Monitors with strike graphics overlaid

Monitors with final scores overlaid

Closeup blank monitor plate

Closeups with score graphics added

Lastly, the director's credit...

...and mine on this screen with other artists.

It's great that these days a very small group of people using off-the-shelf software can throw something like this together in less than a week once the actual photography is done. I did all my bits in Photoshop using layers and groups of layers, then ZIPped up the PSD files and emailed them to the editor and the effects supervisor, who used AfterEffects and Final Cut Pro to take my various layers and composite them into the film. Since all the apps are inter-compatible, putting it all together is pretty much drag-and-drop.

10 years ago, this piece would have cost a million bucks. Tho nobody got paid for doing this, the cost if we had been paid would be less than $50,000. Yay, technology! :)

Still working on portfolio stuff, I'll post some more later this week.

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