Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Green Lantern, Hour 4

Well, really more like hour 4.5... This one may take more than 8 hours. Then again, it may not - sometimes the last hour or so becomes the Magic Progress Hour where everything just falls into place. Right here in the middle of the piece, this is the part I call the "Hate It Zone." Every artist knows this zone well. This is the part where the thing looks like crap and you despair that it will ever not suck. As you may imagine, it's very very important to just. keep. going. and get thru the Hate It Zone. :)


Unknown said...

I'd say whats hurting it the most is the the straight on shot of GL and the overly large jawline is what is causing some issues for me. Oh, perhaps adding an upshot angle view of Sinestro will give him a more dynamic and evil presentation.

Symetry is also a possible problem.

Perhaps adding GL's hand grabbing at the viewer for help or showing his pain even further with his hand gesture will help sell the conflict.

Hope this helps, I should upload my new stuff soon.

Jeff Z said...

Yeah I'm still tweaking the symmetry, there are some things that are off. I don't know if I'll be able to fix them all in the time I'm allowing myself, so I'm going to have to be choosy about it.

I really like the adding the hand idea, though that will take quite a while to do, I think I'll try it.

Thanx dood!

Anonymous said...

You think (and more importantly WORK) like a true artist - TMNK

Jeff Z said...

Thanks, TMNK... I just wish I worked like a really FAST artist!