Saturday, October 27, 2007

Return to Volcano Temple (Part 1?)

I decided to go back and do some fixing to the Volcano Temple painting - after all, it's digital, I can do that anytime - because there was a problem with it that was really bugging me. I didn't know what it was, and I was very annoyed that I couldn't figure it out, until a cow-orker pointed out that the image had no atmosphere. Everything in it was clear and sharp, no matter how far from camera. We've got an outdoor scene with some long views, that has an erupting volcano and a bunch of fires in it - with no smoke, no haze, no atmospheric effects. So I'm like, well DUH *headslap*, no wonder. Compare to the original:

I like it better now.

However, it's still a little dead-looking to me, because there's no people in it, and thus no story, no intrigue, no suspense. Not every image needs people to have that, but I think this one does, it needs explorers! Hidden natives! A sense of jeopardy! A zeppelin! (Zeppelins are just really cool things.) What's the Mystery of Volcano Temple? That's what we should ask ourselves when looking at this, but there's nothing in the image now that spurs the question.