Friday, May 02, 2008

Teenage Me vs. Now

There's a meme flying around the webz today, people comparing themselves as they are now to when they were 16. Here's mine:

A webfriend thought (tweeted, actually) about these things, "These all straddle the fence of uplifting and depressing." My reply was:

Life presents both upgrades and downgrades over time. :)"


Anonymous said...

This is utterly accurate, at least the teenage part. You were also very cute and never mistaken for the opposite sex. Except...are you still holding onto this "blonde" theory?
Rock on,

Jeff Z said...

Heh, well... "blonde-er," anyway. It's gotten really much darker than it was.

For other readers, Ms. Lewis knows me from when I was 16, so now you know I'm honest about it! ;)

Anonymous said...

And I concur with Ms. Lewis! Rawr! (Actually, I thought your hair looked your 1983 shade of blonde in one of your "dump the ponytail and donate to Locks of Love" pix. Also in that long-hair-and-black-cowboy-hat pic on your homepage.)

AL (aka Wicked Good Grrrl)