Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Latest homework

I didn't wind up doing any more homework for week 3, but I had some good time to do my assignment for week 4, which was to do 10 value studies of scenes from favorite movies - stopping the DVD on a particular shot and doing a grayscale paint trying to match it.

I was able to take the time to do some of them from The Incredibles in gouache, which was really relaxing:

And I did a few more digitally in Painter from Star Wars:

These were fun and I learned a lot of things from them about lighting and value arrangement, and there's a lot of really interesting details of how the shots are staged and lit that were fun to discover. You may not like George Lucas's scripts much (and they have some appalling moments), but the guy really does (or at least did) know how to compose a shot. And of course Brad Bird's work on Incredibles is absolutely flawless, so it doesn't hurt to learn from the master.


Anonymous said...

it looks awsome..
i love the last shot from star wars.

Anonymous said...

Those turned out great! You have a lot of talent!


Anonymous said...


I used to do the exact same thing with color studies and my Lord of the Rings DVDs. I'd sit in front of my TV for hours just painting and having a ball.

Your stuff looks great and it makes me want to do it again! Thanks!