Thursday, December 18, 2008

Steampunk Challenge - The Hare

Here's the next bit of concept work for the Steampunk Challenge. We have our Tortoise, so here's the Hare:

I actually did another version of this first, a more "iron" mechanical clanking monstrosity:

...but TGF pointed out that it didn't really look much like a hare. I realized at that point that I'd gotten a bit lost in the mechanical details and thoughts of "how would it work" rather than "what will look right for my image," so I stopped and did the second version, which I like much better.

I'm sure I went a bit overboard on the details of the second one, but these drawings are just to get the visualization of what the thing might look like in my head. I'll keep the large shapes, but I'll cherry-pick the details in the final image to make it look balanced and consistent.

Next up, layout for the final painting.


Unknown said...

I love that final one you came up with. The beauty and machinery work quite well with each other.

Unknown said...

These are gorgeous! I agree, I think the second design is much more elegant.

DavidArt said...

Holy crap! I can't wait to see you draw this in a 3/4 angle. This is going to be awesome!!! Cool stuff man!!!

Unknown said...

Those are bad ass!

Unknown said...

I dig how even the text reflects their personalities. While the Hare is "champion" the Tortoise is "ingenious."

Also all the great little the tortoise chain link railing