Thursday, January 15, 2009

Steampunk Challenge - Frame done (for now)

Here's where I got to tonight:

All the scrollwork and filigree for the frame is finished. Just need to paint in the portraits of Arlo and the Commodore, a couple of small touches near there, add the lettering, and then make it sepiatone. For now, I'm done working on the frame. I'm quite happy with the result tho I'd like to have done it faster.

Tomorrow, back to the rest of the image. Once again, it's due on Monday 1159 GMT, so I now have 4 days to get this done. I should be able to devote some of my daytime work hours to it tomorrow and Friday, and then Saturday I'm gonna lock myself in the office and put in 10 to 12 hours, trying to get the bulk of the rest of it done. That will leave Sunday to work at a more relaxed pace on final touches, and all day Monday to get it uploaded in case the servers are choking again.

As I mentioned, I've been painting live on UStream at night between the hours of 9pm-1am Pacific Time (tonight it was just 10:30-12), so if please drop by, hang out, watch me paint and listen to me ramble on about whatever crosses my mind. :)

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