Friday, January 16, 2009

Steampunk Challenge - Hare Conditioning

Tonight's progress, worked pretty much just on the Hare:

Here's a detail zoom of it so you can see more visible progress:

I tried to work hard to not zoom in past 100%, because this thing is farther from the eye and doesn't need as much detail. I have a bad habit of zooming in to 300-400% and noodling pixel-by-pixel.

One thing I wish Painter had was the ability to open more than one window for a document, like Photoshop. When I paint in Pshop I almost always have 2 windows open, one zoomed to either 100% or to a zoom that reflects where the viewer will see the image from, and the one where I work. That way if I'm digging into a detail I can tell whether it will even be noticeable when it's done. Painter can't do that, and zooming back and forth just interrupts my workflow.

OK, bedtime. I actually should be able to work on this both during the day and evening tomorrow, so I expect to make more rapid progress.

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