Saturday, October 02, 2010

Frustration? Draw, Draw, Draw.

I've been kinda frustrated lately, artistically, creatively. I'm not doing enough of my own stuff; my comic has stalled and between my commercial work and taking care of our son (which is pretty awesome, but of course it's time-consuming) I just have been antsy and struggling in my mind.

If you're an artist, you can't struggle in your mind. You have to work it out on paper, or whatever medium you're most - or sometimes, least - comfortable with. For now, I'm going back to root, familiar things:  concept sketches on paper with pen and markers. Figure I'll share, ya?

Sci-Fi Tank:

Twin Fusion Test Ship prepares for launch:

Super Slot Racer:

All done with Hi-Tec C pens, Prisma and Copic Wide markers, white Prisma pencil and gouache for hilites. Old school style, no Photoshopping except to sharpen as they're rezzed down. All the warts are there.

Trying to do one of these every day, but practical concerns kinda make it every couple of days. Are these design genius? No, they're feeling very "student" to me, but they're a decent start. Gotta dump all the crap out of my head to get to the good stuff, it takes a while.

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