Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hey, More Sketches!

While I continue my deliberate absence from Internet Social Media (so as to avoid distractions that eat my time), I'm still sketching stuff. Here's three that I finished in the last week:

Scout/Recon VTOL:
Alien Scoutship:
and Patrol Shuttle:
All done on paper with pens and markers. The first two were done by taking a couple of the tiny tiny thumbnail spaceship sketches that I did quite a while ago, which are only maybe an inch across:
(click for actual size, 72dpi)
Scaled them up to fit 8.5x11 in Photoshop. For the Scout, I grayed the drawing back to 50% and printed it out, then traced over it with 10% marker on good marker layout paper; for the Alien, I changed the drawing to a light blue line, faded it back super-light, then printed out on regular paper. From there I did more work with 10% marker and then went to the Pilot pens.

For Patrol Shuttle, I took a 10% marker and just made a bunch of random squiggles and lines on a sheet of paper. Then I took a 30% marker and went back over it, picking out shapes and lines that caught my eye. It stared looking like some kind of vehicle so I rolled with that and eventually got this.

These were fun! I'm gonna grab a few more of the tiny sketches and keep going. I've got a lot of them that I think look pretty cool.

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MAKS-23 said...

Thats a sweet concept for a transport craft man like it alot