Sunday, December 19, 2010

Han Solo 3-View, done for now

I've gotten to here:

3-View Env #3: PS CS5
And I've decided to stop at this point, because I'm starting to zoom in on too many details, which means I will start noodling and working on this too much. These aren't supposed to be tight and the whole point is not to put too many hours into them, so I can up my output and get faster.

I think these are at the point where I could show them to an AD and they'd get it, though I think the bottom one is a little rough to show a film director.

Eventually I'm going to go to a full paint on at least the top one and maybe the middle one.

Plenty more cool scenes in the book, but I think for the rest of the night I'll work on some of the vehicles from it, maybe the gladiator droid. Comments & crits welcome as always.

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