Sunday, December 12, 2010

Improvement, yay

Here's today's 3-up environments:
3-Env 02: PS CS5
Better. I think these work a lot better. Still taking too long - about 5 hours - but I'll get faster as I get more confident. Here's what they looked like at 2.5 hours:
3-Env 02 still rough
I decided that in the top one, the light coming down on the spaceship didn't fit with the wedge-shaped docking bay entry - it wouldn't hit at that angle, the ship appears much closer to us. So I changed it to a round hatch directly above, which seems to make a little more sense.

I also thought the shapes in the underwater base buildings were boring so I repainted them. The new shapes are probably cheez but they feel better overall. Looking at that one I think I'll want to brighten up the light coming from the sea cave some, the image is pretty dim.

And keeping with yesterday's pattern I tried to bang out another vehicle sketch in an hour. Couldn't get it past line art in that time but it's pretty decent:

Megabus LA 2020: PS CS5
I'll do the quickshade on this tomorrow after the next 3-up painting I guess. Much less frustrated today, which is a good thing. Maybe I'll actually sleep well for a change.

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