Sunday, December 19, 2010

New 3-Environment Progress

Here's where I'm at on the latest 3-view painting. I'm doing scenes from the Star Wars EU book Han Solo at Stars' End by Brian Daley, a book I've always liked:

3-Env #3: PS CS5
Obviously I've put a bit more time into the top one than the other two, but they're reading fairly well so far. The scenes are (top) Han and Chewie meet Rekkon at the barge landing bay, (middle) trying to escape the Data Center building, looking down from the balcony as the Espos set up a large blaster, and (bottom) Bollux tries to survive the Mark X Executioner droid as Han returns to the Stars' End arena dome. I've left the line art in at 50% as they're still pretty rough and undetailed.

I think these are going to turn into much more finished paintings once I'm done with them as quickpaints, but I'll put a couple more hours in to get them all to a reasonable state before I move on to more 3-views.

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