Monday, December 20, 2010

Today's Output

Got a few things done today!

Megabus concept, toned: PS CS5
First, tone-painted the "Megabus" concept sketch from a few days ago. I did this live on my UStream channel earlier today with a small audience.

Megabus Gray: PS CS5
This is a grayscale version, just done with a Color layer filled with black. I'm not sure whether I like the color or gray one better. I think the gray one looks more "classic concept" than the other one. Either way it works okay.

Bulk Cruiser concepts: PS CS5
These ships I drew last night while UStreaming, some quick ideas for the Bulk Cruiser from the first part of the Stars' End book. It's supposed to be a freighter with some guns bolted on to it, so I wanted a blocky cargo ship vibe. These are okay, not really knocking me out but a fair place to start. Today I put in the grays after playing in Photoshop to make a big fat wide marker brush to imitate my Copic Wides.

Pleasure Cruiser concept: PS CS5
This last one is from one of the tiny little 1-inch sketches; I challenged myself to go from the blown-up rough line sketch to a tighter line and marker render in 30 minutes. It took more like 40, but still pretty decent. There's a form problem in the rendering, which I'll fix later.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

That's one HUGE bus !!! Awesome work again !!

Screenwriter-Filmmaker said...

Love the final bus concept. I'd be very interested in seeing that demo, how you went about creating this. did you build a 3d model of the background city and the bus first?


Jeff Z said...

No, there's no 3D on the Megabus drawing, it's all done by hand. If you want to see a similar process, Feng Zhu has some amazing videos on his YouTube channel - I learned this stuff from him first. This is a good one to watch: