Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sketch Plus Scalzi

Hey, long time no blog! Here's a new sketch I did recently, working from John Scalzi's novel The Android's Dream (with his permission of course).

Glar-Class Destroyer ideas - pen on paper
It's a couple of ideas of a spaceship described in the book called the "Glar-Class Destroyer," a ship that in the overall Galactic course of things is a mid-level military vessel, but which related to Earth's starfleet represents an overwhelming, unbeatable threat.

The larger drawing is how the ship appeared in my head when I first read the book. The smaller drawing resulted from me looking at the first one and saying to myself, "hmm, that's pretty cool, but y'know, I think it could look more dangerous, more sinister. It's supposed to be striking terror into the Earth ships that might have to confront it." So I tried another pass looking to make it much scarier. I think it works, it looks much more likely to try to devour you when it attacks. I'd be pretty unhappy to see that pop out of subspace if I were playing Star Trek Online or something.

If you follow me at all, you know I've done some work for John over the past few years. All that work has been done over the Internet and by phone, with us never meeting in person. Happily, John's on a book tour for his new Fuzzy Nation novel and made a stop here in LA, so I was able to go to his appearance at Barnes & Noble and finally meet him. Since I'd just done it, I gave him the original of this drawing! Here's pix, so you know it happened... heh!

it's a handshake deal
"It came from inside my brain!"
Was great to meet John! Hope someday to be able to hang out for a while longer and get some Double-Doubles (Animal Style of course)! (photos by Mrs. Z)

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