Monday, September 19, 2011

Sci-Fi Environments

Got this one to where I could post it - as usual, paid work gets done before personal work! Another big page of environment sketches, broken into two pieces:

The bottom one of the first image looks a little generic but that's not always bad. I like the other 3 more, though. The vertical one I'm giving the lofty title "Cititram Approaches the Imperial Museum of Space Flight & Exploration." The hexagonal pattern in the sky was where I did a quick rough of what a giant dome ceiling would look like - maybe this is on Trantor. But it's not worth the time to lay out an accurate geodesic dome on paper, since I can make one in 3D and layer it in. Anyway, getting better. Starting another page immediately. 

I guess once I have enough of these I'll put up a poll and let you guys pick which one(s) I should go to paint on, what do you think?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Environment & Ship sketches

Last few days I've been sketching on paper to reset and review, as I continue my quest to drastically improve my personal portfolio. First a few environments:
Then 3 quick ships:

There are problems with all of these, some more obvious than others Just trying to set problems for myself in all the many aspects of concept work - design & design language, drawing technique, composition, work output per time available, and more. As I keep doing these they'll get more ambitious in terms of technical difficulty and also trying to really focus on doing better, more interesting design. So as I keep going I'll be addressing the problems I see in these and trying to improve.

I'm doing these on 14x18 Canson newsprint with a 30% Cool Gray Prisma marker and my HiTec-C pens; these are all on one sheet which is too big for my scanner. I'm using the low-quality paper because it helps me remember to relax and just draw and not be too serious or tense about it. It's just a sketch, and I've got my scanner to capture anything that comes out really well.