Tuesday, September 04, 2012

3D Brain Upgrade Complete

Walther P99, modeled in Maya 2013.
Hi, I'm back. I just finished the 9-week Maya Fast Track program at The Gnomon School of Visual Effects here in Hollywood, and so I've been transformed into a 3D artist on top of my 2D skills. Above, a quick render of my hard surface modeling final project, the Walther P99 favored by our more recent James Bond 007s. Geometry only, no textures or displacement maps... Very hi-res model, I worked on it a long time.

Anyway, since I'm not in a classroom for 60 hours a week, now I'm back in the land of the able-to-blog. I've got lots of stuff to put up and will put up some every day or two as I work on portfolio pieces and a demo reel through September. Stay tuned...

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