Monday, September 10, 2012

Going Somewheres: WIP paint and 3D, Monday 9/10

Today's concept paint 4-up theme is train stations. I really like big stations and airports and transportation hubs of whatever kind, because there's always something going on, everything is in some kind of motion. People are going somewheres, as Asimov once wrote; there are dozens, hundreds, thousands of stories all flowing around and through each other (sometimes bumping into each other) in these places. Also, all of these places, while doing roughly the same thing, all do it a little bit differently, depending on when they were built and how many different transportation types meet up there. I find all that to be fascinating.

Here's the 3D model I'm working on, this small military hovercraft I sketched a few years ago that I've always liked. I think it's going pretty well! Original sketch below. Not that much more to add, really; working on that this afternoon. Hope to show you the finished geometry tomorrow, but then I have to texture it. That might take a bit with the complex shapes here.

More tomorrow...

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