Thursday, September 06, 2012

Today's WIPs

Yesterday I did a new set of 4-up concept paints and put some color on the ones from day before. I'm trying to do at least one of these 4-ups every day; once I've got 8 of them I'll start winnowing which panels I want to rez up and take to the next level of completion. Each of these 4-ups only takes around 90 minutes; the next step would be putting in a half-day on each.

Here's a 3D sci-fi type environment I started working on a while back before the class, using Blender. Long-time readers may recognize it as coming from a sketch I did a while back (yikes, almost a year! gah), reposted here:

This one's still in the "plastic model" stage, needs detailing. Got some feedback from 3D artist friends that will help get this one looking real; haven't decided whether to finish it in Maya or modo yet. Here's another angle showing it's built out on both sides:

I think I'll rebuild much of this now that I understand how to control hard and soft edges when using mesh smoothing. I built this thinking about what I learned about game models from my colleagues at the old studio, trying to use Smoothing Groups to handle that, but more recent engines can handle higher-res meshes with smoothed polygons... pretty awesome.

More tomorrow...

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