Thursday, September 13, 2012

WIPs for 9/13

Another 4up set, again using the "shapes in clouds" technique with the weird brushes. I need to make some new weird brushes, but still these are decent. Below, the hovercraft is pretty much done for modeling! I might throw on some round bolt heads here and there, maybe some seat cushions, but for a game-res model they're probably not necessary. In a game there will be people in the seats, you'd never see the cushions most likely.

This needs to be optimized, I should be able to knock off 1500 polys or so just by eliminating stuff you can't see like along the bottom of the jet housings, the skirt, and various other little bits that either wouldn't be directly visible or wouldn't be noticed. For instance, I left the back faces off the little headlight grille pieces.

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