Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Walther P99 3D - Geo Complete 10/16

Here's my 3D Walther P99 with geometry complete. I wanted to actually model the hand grip ridges on the rear of the slide (rather than using a displacement map) to learn how do do such an intricate geometry that's cutting into existing meshes and across existing curvature in a clean and efficient way.

This is a very hi-res model, intended as a hero prop usable in cinematic closeups. Before the ridges it ran about 17K polygons, whereas now it's a bit over 22K.

I imported the model over to modo601 using .FBX format to do these renders, replacing the Maya default material with modo's sort of whitish clay default. Here's a detail closeup of the rear left, showing the complex geometry where the slide, stock and striker mechanism come together.

Lots of great reference images out on the Internet helped me get the details very close to the real weapon. Use reference! Always!

Screenshots from Maya, where I built the model as my final project for the Gnomon Maya Fast Track; here's a clean side view:

And same view with wireframe-on-shaded to show the polygons.

From here, the next step is displacement maps for the Walther logo, a lot of type that appears all over the piece, the little traction bumps on the stock grip area, and the overall texture of the stock which is made of molded plastic with fiberglas reinforcement. It's got a very slight pebbling texture over most of it that alternates with slick flat areas. Bump map will probably be best for that, but the type and logos need to be displacement to "look right."

What I learned from building this is that I really enjoy building stuff like this, in the same way that I like drawing vehicles and other hard-surface stuff. That's good news, as I was worried that I wouldn't; 3D is the way everything's going even in concept art, so I feel like work will stay fun as I transition over!

Monday, October 15, 2012

New Website & Demo Reel!

Welcome to the new JeffZugale.com! I've done a complete redesign of the site with the help of Skytemple, who did all the hard work so I could just make art. There's a lot of new stuff up there to look at, especially on the Portfolio page where you'll find most of the art.

While there is an Artblog section where I'm starting to mirror this blog, this will remain my primary Artblog for some time until all functions of the new site are set up properly.

I also did a new concept art video demo reel, which I put up on YouTube - here it is:

You'll probably notice that the comics and music stuff seem to have disappeared; this is also temporary, and if you have links to the old site they will still work (though some of the old scripts will not). It was really important to emphasize the new artwork first. Everything else will return over time.

Hope you like the new look and art. Please share with your art friends!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Concept Paints Update WIP, 10/4

Got farther on these two but forgot to post them, been a little busy, heh. On the purple one, the sunset clouds background kindly provided photographically by the mighty John Scalzi.

Slowing down a bit on these because I'm looking for work, but will keep posting regularly.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Gnomon Live Sketches, 10/03

I went to the awesome Gnomon Live workshop this past weekend to see some of the best concept people in the business talking about their work and doing live demos. So great. I take lots of notes at events like this, and between writing down choice bits of knowledge I doodle all over the notepad. Thought you might like to see some.

These are shown pretty much in the same way they appear on the pages, though I've done some scaling and flipping to here and there to make a nice graphical layout.

I can literally do this all day. Why yes, I am into muscle cars... how did you know? :)