Monday, October 15, 2012

New Website & Demo Reel!

Welcome to the new! I've done a complete redesign of the site with the help of Skytemple, who did all the hard work so I could just make art. There's a lot of new stuff up there to look at, especially on the Portfolio page where you'll find most of the art.

While there is an Artblog section where I'm starting to mirror this blog, this will remain my primary Artblog for some time until all functions of the new site are set up properly.

I also did a new concept art video demo reel, which I put up on YouTube - here it is:

You'll probably notice that the comics and music stuff seem to have disappeared; this is also temporary, and if you have links to the old site they will still work (though some of the old scripts will not). It was really important to emphasize the new artwork first. Everything else will return over time.

Hope you like the new look and art. Please share with your art friends!

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