Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tyrant's Bride, Shot 01 (Personal) - Update 1

Hi! Been a while, huh? Well, I got a new job doing concept art at Blind Squirrel Games, so I've been a little busy, but hey, only about 2 months since last update, so I'm 67% faster! (Riiiiiiight.)

Had some time to work on my own stuff, so here's an update. After leaving it for a while, when I opened the image the first thing that hit me was that the parked fighters were looking odd and flat. So, reworked 'em:

Here's a detail of the left one before:

Here's after. Quite an improvement!

 Gotta add shadows under it, but it's looking way better than the sketch.

Because it's all about being a better painter, this is all just straight paint. I think I've unlocked the key to making my brain paint without freaking out (besides not using the word "paint"), which is to use only a 100% opacity brush almost all the time. Just lay in flat tone or color, and to detail uprez, zoom in, and use a smaller brush. Seems to be working, because I'm having fun.

More to come sooner than later!

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