Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Spaceship Time, Berkey Style

Hi to all the space nuts from @NASASocial! It was really great to meet everyone and hang out at JPL with real life rocket scientists.

Here's a spaceship painting I did earlier this year in Procreate on my old iPad. It's a rough "master copy" of a painting by the incredible John Berkey that appears on page 44/45 of his collection Painted Space.  I was trying out Procreate while also trying to get a feel for Berkey's style and interesting, exciting color palette.

I just got a brand new iPad Air, which will let me work at much higher res than this image, and tomorrow my new Wacom Creative Stylus arrives. I'm hoping the new stylus lets me do production-level work on the iPad.

More to come soon, stay tuned!